SSH Blocking Logs and Stats
Posted: 2016-Jun-17

Logs and stats of hosts attempting brute force SSH logins.

Technical information and experiences migrating a Huddler web forum to Invision Power Services Community Suite (aka: Invision Power Board).

Eigen Spline Module Examples
Posted: 2013-Nov-04

Instructions and examples of using the Eigen Spline module to interpolate or extrapolate multidimensional points along a spline. Specifically 3D points in time (the 4th dimension).

Glacier Peak
Posted: 2010-Sep-20

Equipment List for Glacier Peak expedition.

Visual 1553
Posted: 2010-Jul-05

Visual1553 is a Mil-Std-1553 command/status word calculator.

iPhoto To SQL
Posted: 2010-Jul-05

iPhoto To SQL is an export plugin for iPhoto that exports the metadata along with thumbnails and images.

Mac OS X, Darwin and Xnu
Posted: 2010-Jul-05

Various useful patches against Xnu (the Darwin and Mac OS X kernel).

Personal equipment list and other notes for the 2010 Annapolis to Bermuda Regatta.

Katahdin - Winter Ascent
Posted: 2009-Dec-14

Itinerary and Equipment List for Katahdin climb.

Itinerary and Equipment List for Mt. Olympus and Mt. Adams climb.

CHDK Projects
Posted: 2009-Jun-07

Interesting camera projects made possible using CHDK (a non-official firmware add-on) and a Canon SD880.

Posted: 2008-Jun-23

A notebook for ideas and information on sailing instrumentation. Includes descriptions of useful NMEA sentences and their breakout.

High Resolution Webcam
Posted: 2008-May-05

Lots of webcams claim high resolution but are at most 720 (and more likely 480 or below) lines of resolution. This is how to build an actual high resolution webcam with an old compact camera.

Climbing Equipment To Buy
Posted: 2008-Feb-18

List of equipment I am considering acquiring.

Bike Equipment To Buy
Posted: 2007-Sep-04

List of clothing, gear and tools I'd eventually like to get.

OpenBSD 1-Wire
Posted: 2007-Feb-28

Basic 1-Wire development and example usage on OpenBSD.